Pyrotex Fire Extinguishers

Pyrotex Fire Extinguishers

Featuring Multiple Technologies For When You Need Them

“Pyrotex Extinguishers…When Seconds Count”

Pyrotex extinguisher canisters are constructed of rugged steel unlike many of the off-the-shelf products found in retail outlets. Offered in both dry chemical and halotron with aluminum valves and easy to read gauges, all components are manufactured on state of the art computer controlled machines and undergo rigorous inspections to assure complete reliability

Pyrotex Fire Extinguishers

  • U.L. Listed
  • U.S. Coast Guard Approved
  • All Steel Canister
  • Easy to Read Gauge
  • Mounting Bracket Included
  • Rechargeable (Dry Chem)
  • EPA Approved Clean Agent (Halotron)
  • Dry Chem (Available in 1.4lb, 2.5lb, 5lb)
  • Halotron (Available in 2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb)

“Pyrotex Fire Blankets…The Cleanest Solution”

Pyrotex fire blankets are the cleanest extinguishing technology approved for residential use. Our fiberglass blankets pass the most stringent ASTM standards and have become one of the first choices in extinguishing accidental fires early.

Pyrotex Fire Blankets

  • Heavy Duty 4MM Thick Fiberglass
  • Easy to Access Flap & Use Straps
  • Certified by SGS
  • Passes ASTM F1989-05 Standard
  • Mountable on Cabinets or Walls
  • Size (36″x36″)
  • Weight (Only 1lb)